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New Studio finished and up and running

After many months my new Spectral Waves Photography studio is completed! It provides a big space with full facilities for studio shooting (including tethered shooting) including a selection of lights, lighting modifiers, brollies and backdrops. The studio can be completely blacked out for total lighting control and also for film processing and printing. The facility is ideal for small groups, individual modelling/head-shots and product photography. At the moment I am still exploring the best workflow techniques with the space and I'm looking for some willing volunteers who would like a photo session for free so if you would like to have some portraits done, please get in touch.

Spectral Waves Photo Studio

Spectral Waves Photo Studio

Apart from one wedding in 2021, my commercial photography business came to a halt, largely due to Covid, but also for a number of other reasons. I'm pleased to say that I'm now gearing up to resume activities


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